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The Most Popular Bible Stories to Know

The Bible is full of many stories, Psalms, and lessons to be learned and taken to heart. While comfort and guidance are always available in any Book of the Bible, many Christians new to the faith and old want to study various stories over and over.

The most popular Bible stories come from both the Old Testament and the New Testament. Some of the most popular are popular because they are essential to know and understand for greater faith.

Most Christians find that the story of Jesus’s Crucifixion to be the most important to know. It is one that all members of this faith should reflect upon and meditate on all year long and not just before Easter.

Once this story is taken in, the next most important from a Christian perspective is the Resurrection of Christ. This is the story of those who witnessed Jesus’s empty tomb the morning after his Crucifixion and it is the story upon which the entire faith is based.

The Good Word is that all shall have everlasting life if there is a belief that Jesus died for everyone’s sins and is their Savior. (more…)

Some Of The Most Popular Old And New Testament Bible Stories

The Bible is ‘the’ Book, and even in secular terms the best selling book of all time. There are many Bible stories that are important to Christians, and what are the most popular Bible stories? It’s hard to pick a starting point because you could start at the beginning, at Creation. Or, you could start with any story that involves Jesus. Jesus is the Savior of the world to Christians and according to the Bible. Therefore, his birth, which is celebrated during Christmas, is a popular story.

Personally, I would begin at his crucifixion and resurrection. That is the message of the Bible, our eternal salvation, which is most important, and is provided by Jesus, God’s son. His resurrection is what we celebrate on Easter, and this is a great story to begin with. Second, when it comes to popular Bible stories, you can read about his life, from his birth up until the time he was betrayed and crucified. Of course, again Jesus was resurrected, and that is the foundation of Christianity.

You definitely want to read about Creation, and you want to read about important stories in the Old Testament. For example, there is Noah and the ark, Cain and Abel, Moses and the Israelites, King David, Joseph, Daniel and many more great stories. (more…)

Three Of The Most Popular Bible Stories

1 – Noah’s Ark

The story of Noah’s Ark tells of God feeling as if the world was growing overly wicked. He looked to one human, Noah, to take on a special task – building an ark to save a male and female of each animal species so that they could survive a flood that would purge the world of its current sin. Noah also preached to as many people as he could to help them repent before the flood struck. Regardless, only Noah and his family rode alongside the animals. They were told to repopulate the Earth once the flood died down.

2 – Adam & Eve

Adam and Eve were the original humans that populated Earth. The story includes the fall of Man, as well as the original sin. The couple are told (by God) that they can eat from anything in their paradise aside from the tree of knowledge’s fruit. However, a serpent – which many interpret to be Satan – entices Eve into taking an apple from it. Upon sharing it with Adam, they each lose their innocence, and God banishes them from paradise for their betrayal.

3 – The Death And Resurrection of Jesus

No talk of the most popular bible stories is complete without the story of Jesus dying on the cross for the sins of man. The story is gripping, telling of the difficult sacrifice Jesus underwent to absolve all of human kind. While the details of his trail and crucifixion are horrific, the story ultimately ends on a hopeful note when it’s found out that his tomb was empty after the third day. Jesus was resurrected to live on in Heaven, just as all who follow his ways will be allowed to thanks to his sacrifice.

Bible Stories I Remember From Childhood

When I was a kid, my mother bought me a children’s Bible from a random Jehovah’s Witness woman who came knocking on our door regularly. After hounding her about it for weeks, my mother finally agreed to buy it. She was not aware that this would become one of my favorite books.

There were so many stories in the book, yet some of them were far more interesting than others. One of the stories that always stayed with me was the story of David and Goliath. The thought of a small boy killing a towering giant with a stone was enough to give me hope that anything was possible.

I remember tearing up the first time I read about King Solomon. Even though he never cut the baby in half, just the thought of that horror was enough to give me some of the worst nightmares. The picture depicted in the book was more than enough to send tingles down my spine.

Honestly, there were some stories that stuck out to me for other reasons. One of them was the story of Lot’s wife looking back and turning into a pillar of salt. This was probably (more…)

The Most Popular Bible Stories of the Old Testament

Among the most popular Bible stories is the story of creation. Christians everywhere may be familiar with this story, but they need to educate their children. Those new to the faith will also want to know about the most popular stories.

This story, The Beginning, can be found in the Old Testament in the Book of Genesis. The Bible explains that God created a formless Earth with water, light and darkness. The second day he separated the water into the sky and the oceans. The third day He created the ground. This is where plants then sprang up from.

God also created the sun, stars, and the moon. This He did on the fourth day. The fifth day God created birds and fish. On day six he made the Earth so that animals and humans could live on the Earth.

As most Bible readers and religious people everywhere know, on the seventh day God rested. It was not because He was tired. He rested so as to teach a lesson to his creations. A day must be taken to rest and to worship and reflect God.

The human body is not meant to work all the time. This is why the seventh day is usually reserved for worship.

When people read the most popular Bible stories, this is the most important one to commit to mind and heart. It is the essence of understanding where all life comes from.

It is still not certain who actually wrote the Book of Genesis. Some scholars wonder if it was Moses who wrote it. It might make sense, considering he would have had an intense understanding of all that God said to him throughout his life. Some scholars believe it was other individuals, up to five, who wrote Genesis.

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