The Bible is full of many stories, Psalms, and lessons to be learned and taken to heart. While comfort and guidance are always available in any Book of the Bible, many Christians new to the faith and old want to study various stories over and over.

The most popular Bible stories come from both the Old Testament and the New Testament. Some of the most popular are popular because they are essential to know and understand for greater faith.

Most Christians find that the story of Jesus’s Crucifixion to be the most important to know. It is one that all members of this faith should reflect upon and meditate on all year long and not just before Easter.

Once this story is taken in, the next most important from a Christian perspective is the Resurrection of Christ. This is the story of those who witnessed Jesus’s empty tomb the morning after his Crucifixion and it is the story upon which the entire faith is based.

The Good Word is that all shall have everlasting life if there is a belief that Jesus died for everyone’s sins and is their Savior.

Other most popular Bible stories include the story of Adam and Eve. For in this tale, we learn how tempting evil can be. We learn what happens when we disobey God.

Another popular, but essential story is that of Creation. In the Book of Genesis, we are told just how the world and the universe were created by God. Children are always curious about where they come from. This story explains it to them.

There is no doubt that your faith can be strengthened and so can that of your family’s when you read Bible stories. Use them for reflection as well as inspiration for prayer.