The Bible is ‘the’ Book, and even in secular terms the best selling book of all time. There are many Bible stories that are important to Christians, and what are the most popular Bible stories? It’s hard to pick a starting point because you could start at the beginning, at Creation. Or, you could start with any story that involves Jesus. Jesus is the Savior of the world to Christians and according to the Bible. Therefore, his birth, which is celebrated during Christmas, is a popular story.

Personally, I would begin at his crucifixion and resurrection. That is the message of the Bible, our eternal salvation, which is most important, and is provided by Jesus, God’s son. His resurrection is what we celebrate on Easter, and this is a great story to begin with. Second, when it comes to popular Bible stories, you can read about his life, from his birth up until the time he was betrayed and crucified. Of course, again Jesus was resurrected, and that is the foundation of Christianity.

You definitely want to read about Creation, and you want to read about important stories in the Old Testament. For example, there is Noah and the ark, Cain and Abel, Moses and the Israelites, King David, Joseph, Daniel and many more great stories. When it comes to the New Testament, there are also more great stories including John the Baptist and Saul of Tarsus, or Paul.

Paul is a very important figure in the Bible to Christians because it shows us how God can use anyone and can help even the people that consider themselves to be the worst of sinners. Paul persecuted Christians, but his life was turned around. There are many more stories of the Bible to read about throughout both the New and Old Testaments.