1 – Noah’s Ark

The story of Noah’s Ark tells of God feeling as if the world was growing overly wicked. He looked to one human, Noah, to take on a special task – building an ark to save a male and female of each animal species so that they could survive a flood that would purge the world of its current sin. Noah also preached to as many people as he could to help them repent before the flood struck. Regardless, only Noah and his family rode alongside the animals. They were told to repopulate the Earth once the flood died down.

2 – Adam & Eve

Adam and Eve were the original humans that populated Earth. The story includes the fall of Man, as well as the original sin. The couple are told (by God) that they can eat from anything in their paradise aside from the tree of knowledge’s fruit. However, a serpent – which many interpret to be Satan – entices Eve into taking an apple from it. Upon sharing it with Adam, they each lose their innocence, and God banishes them from paradise for their betrayal.

3 – The Death And Resurrection of Jesus

No talk of the most popular bible stories is complete without the story of Jesus dying on the cross for the sins of man. The story is gripping, telling of the difficult sacrifice Jesus underwent to absolve all of human kind. While the details of his trail and crucifixion are horrific, the story ultimately ends on a hopeful note when it’s found out that his tomb was empty after the third day. Jesus was resurrected to live on in Heaven, just as all who follow his ways will be allowed to thanks to his sacrifice.