Among the most popular Bible stories is the story of creation. Christians everywhere may be familiar with this story, but they need to educate their children. Those new to the faith will also want to know about the most popular stories.

This story, The Beginning, can be found in the Old Testament in the Book of Genesis. The Bible explains that God created a formless Earth with water, light and darkness. The second day he separated the water into the sky and the oceans. The third day He created the ground. This is where plants then sprang up from.

God also created the sun, stars, and the moon. This He did on the fourth day. The fifth day God created birds and fish. On day six he made the Earth so that animals and humans could live on the Earth.

As most Bible readers and religious people everywhere know, on the seventh day God rested. It was not because He was tired. He rested so as to teach a lesson to his creations. A day must be taken to rest and to worship and reflect God.

The human body is not meant to work all the time. This is why the seventh day is usually reserved for worship.

When people read the most popular Bible stories, this is the most important one to commit to mind and heart. It is the essence of understanding where all life comes from.

It is still not certain who actually wrote the Book of Genesis. Some scholars wonder if it was Moses who wrote it. It might make sense, considering he would have had an intense understanding of all that God said to him throughout his life. Some scholars believe it was other individuals, up to five, who wrote Genesis.